BLACKPINK Jennie forget her lyrics and her reaction is relatable

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie forgets her lyrics during a performance and her reaction is just adorable.

BLACKPINK has been performing more often recently, especially at festivals, and Sungkyul University Festival was one of the festivals they were asked to perform at. The girls performed all of their songs at this festival, meaning that they performed a total of 4 songs at the event.

With such a long setlist for a rookie group, it is only normal that there will be some small mistakes that occur during the performances. During their performance of “STAY” Jennie forgot the lyrics to her rap part and instead of trying to play it cool she squeals and bursts out laughing, showing her adorable aegyo to the audience who cheered her on even more.

Her cute reaction shows that, even though idols are trained to be as perfect as possible, they are still human and make mistakes. Check out the clip below!