BLACKPINK’s Jennie Embraces an All-Black Look for Her New HERA Commercial

She’s become the definition of sophistication and class.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently showed off her sophisticated charms in HERA’s new foundation commercial.

HERA just shared their 30-second commercial featuring their gorgeous model, Jennie, and despite being short, it takes a jab at all of her fans’ hearts.

The reason for that is that Jennie flaunted an unrivaled vibe with a sexy gaze in her eyes while wearing a beautiful black dress.

And it’s hard not to notice her almost unrealistic skin quality which helped her to pull off the natural makeup effortlessly.

In some of the later scenes of the commercial, Jennie is seen in a black jacket that has a contrasting look from the elegant dress she was originally seen wearing.

Regardless of which black outfit she sported, she truly stood out against the black backdrop and proved to all her fans just how captivating she can be.

Check out the 30-minute clip of Jennie in all black below:


Source: Dispatch