BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany & MAMAMOO’s Solar Wore The Same Top But Served Completely Different Vibes

They ALL wore it best!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany & MAMAMOO‘s Solar are all style icons in their own right. In fact, their personal styles are so distinct, they all served completely different vibes while wearing the same top.

This refreshingly unique blazer from Off-White instantly grabs attention with its off-the-shoulder cut. Made from white twill with two optional straps, the double-breasted, tuxedo-style piece also spices things up with asymmetric hem. These days, the blazer is out of stock at all luxury fashion retailers, but it once sold for $1,495 USD.

Off-White blazer in black. | Off-White

Jennie wore the Off-White blazer when BLACKPINK appeared on The Zach Sang Show in April 2019 to discuss “Kill This Love”.

| @zachsangshow/Twitter

Pairing the blazer with light wash jeans, Jennie somehow managed to make this eccentric piece work as casual everyday wear. Of course, that should come as no surprise—as Chanel‘s ambassador, Jennie is known for showing how high fashion can be worn on everyday occasions.

| @zachsang/Twitter

Tiffany wore the blazer at her Open Hearts Eve conference in Bangkok back in August 2019.

The Girls’ Generation star paired the blazer with matching white pants, silver heels, and big hoop earrings. Far from Jennie’s casual look, Tiffany gives serious millionaire CEO vibes in her rendition of the outfit, and her platinum blonde hair only adds to the immaculate image.

Last but not least, Solar wore the blazer on the red carpet at the SBS Gayo Daejeon in December 2019.

Like Tiffany, Solar wore the blazer with white pants, though hers were cropped slightly higher. She extended the all-white look even further with white heels too. Even though their outfits were so similar, Solar undeniably gives off a more youthful, bright vibe than Tiffany’s “girl boss” look.

This wasn’t the first time these gorgeous idols were seen sharing the same style inspo. Tiffany and Jennie also once wore the same $1,300 USD Gucci silk shirt. Tiffany wore it on an airport trip in April 2016 paired with a bright printed denim skirt.

Jennie, meanwhile, wore the shirt as part of a stage outfit (along with a mini-skirt, long socks, and boots) for a Volkswagen event in December 2017. Both outfits gave off a classy and youthful vibe, but Jennie had more of a schoolgirl look while Tiffany gave off a quirky playground aesthetic.

Same Fit, Different Vibes