Jennie With A Guitar During BLACKPINK’s Barcelona Tour Stop Is Driving Everyone Wild

Everyone is in love with guitarist Jennie!

BLACKPINK have been leaving fans absolutely breathless as they continue on with their In Your Area tour. With each and every performance, BLINKs get even more precious memories with BLACKPINK. And for those who got to see them in Barcelona, Jennie surprised everyone with something very special!

During their concert, Jennie was given an electric guitar…

jennie guitar 1

And had a blast with it!

jennie guitar 4


Not only that but Jennie also gave playing the instrument a go, with a bit of cute mic help from Jisoo of course!

jennie guitar 3

Jennie’s wild adventures on the guitar have been driving fans absolutely wild…

jennie tweet 1

jennie tweet 2

While Jisoo’s helping hand has been making fans LOL!

jisoo 1

jisoo tweet 2

With so many amazing moments from their Barcelona concert, including this one, fans can’t wait to see what BLACKPINK will bring on their next stop. In the meantime, you can check out Jennie’s guitar skills in the fancam below!

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