BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Making Everyone Feel Soft With A Confession About Her Guitar Playing Nerves

Her nerves showed up because she loves BLINK so much!

When it comes to performing on stage, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie always looks calm, cool, collected, and very confident but when it came to her first-ever guitar performance on stage, she was actually quite nervous and for the sweetest reason ever!


In the latest episode of BLACKPINK DIARIES, BLINKs got to see some behind-the-scenes moment from BLACKPINK’s Private Stage [Chapter 1] event including a look at each of their individual stages. While fans finally learned the real reason Jisoo decided to do a magic show, they also got to learn more about Jennie’s stunning guitar solo!

Playing the guitar has been my hobby for a while now. I wanted to learn a song during the tour and perform it at our fanmeeting.

— Jennie


Despite being extremely busy while on tour, Jennie practiced hard to bring an amazing performance but she revealed that when she hit the stage, she was actually really nervous and had some trouble focusing.

So I prepared for it. But since I’m really only a beginner, I got so nervous that I had a hard time focusing on playing the guitar and singing.

— Jennie


Jennie wasn’t nervous because it was the first time for her to showcase her guitar skills, though, she was more nervous because she wanted to make a good memory with BLINKs!

I sincerely hope it becomes a nice memory though. Since it was my first time playing in front of an audience, it was really only the basics, but still tough!

— Jennie


Jennie shouldn’t have been nervous though because she made one of the best memories ever with BLINK!