BLACKPINK’s Jennie And Jisoo Were Told They Look Alike, So Here’s The Trick They Play

“Quiet, people actually still believe that.” – Jennie

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jisoo are a duo that’s one of a kind, just like the rest of the iconic friendships between the group’s members.

Thanks to Jennie’s latest Instagram live, it turned out they had even more of a special connection when they were younger.

Knowing fans would want to see their smiling faces next to each other during the live, Jisoo and Jennie placed their faces side by side, cutely posing. That reminded Jennie of their past.

Holding onto Jisoo’s arm, Jennie remembered, “When we were young, people used to say we looked like each other.” Jisoo couldn’t forget, explaining how they would deal with the situation.

Rather than getting irritated or attempting to deny it, the two of them decided to use it to their advantage. They would flip it and claim they were related. With a smile, Jisoo revealed, “So, we used to say that we were siblings or even cousins.”

While some may think the trick ended as they got older and grew into their physical features, Jennie let it spill that they’re still playing it.

Realizing they were giving themselves away, Jennie raised a hand to her mouth in surprise. She then gently warned Jisoo, “Quiet [down], people actually still believe that.”

Jisoo was quick to agree. To cover their tracks, she declared, “We are now cousins.”

They weren’t lying about what people said. Jisoo and Jennie definitely look like they could be family members, especially siblings, in old photos from close to their debut back in 2016.

See Jennie and Jisoo spill the beans about the trick they’re still playing here.