BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Jennie Turned Their Kitchen Into A K-Drama Set With Their Impromptu Skinship

So cute!

BLACKPINK is so close that there are hardly any boundaries among the members, both in words and in actions! Whether it’s teasing each other…

…or saying what they’d miss about each other, they’re affectionate in all ways.

Another time they showed off their friendship was when they baked macarons as a welcoming present for moving into their new dorm.

Episode 1-4 of BLACKPINK House showed Jennie being the kitchen master of the day. While Jisoo was mixing the meringue, the main rapper made sure to pay close attention to her.

What is this here? Why did you spill so much? Hold on to it.

— Jennie

In order to help her unnie better, Jennie crept closer and closer until she initiated a back hug! Jisoo, though surprised, didn’t mind the skinship. She even began humming a common K-Drama tune like the good sport that she was.

Lisa, their main audience member, excitedly shouted, “Back hug!” while the mood imitated that of television shows.

Unfortunately for Jennie, Jisoo seemed to slightly regret her actions after their impromptu scene, though she treated it like a fun joke.

I can’t believe I did that with you! It’s an honor.

— Jisoo

For more cute interactions between the two, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube