BLINKs Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry Over Jennie’s Joke About The Number Of Their Songs

Seriously, do we laugh or cry?

If there’s one major point of frustration for BLINKs, it’s the fact that YG Entertainment is still releasing mini-albums meaning that BLACKPINK have only released a total of 14 songs.


While fans love each and every one of the songs, they’ve never felt the reality of those 14 songs quite like they did at BLACKPINK’s recent In Your Area concert in Atlanta, Georgia.


Once again, BLACKPINK dazzled at their concert and blew everyone away with their stellar performances, amazing fan service, and oh so sweet interactions.


But when it came time for BLACKPINK to say their goodbyes to fans, Jennie decided to hit fans right in the feels with her message. After telling BLINKs how much fun she had at the concert…


She revealed that she didn’t want to see anyone go home.


And just when fans were already feeling things hard, Jennie hit them with a few more words.


After hearing Jennie’s words, fans don’t know whether they should laugh along with Jennie…


Or cry!


While Jennie took fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions with a single phrase, we’re all hoping that someday soon we’ll hear even more songs from BLACKPINK!