BLACKPINK’s Jennie Killed Off Her Teammate By Accident, And Her Reaction Was The Best

Cutie alert!

BLACKPINK had a fun-filled time when they played games together during “FUN MATCH” in collaboration with PUBG Mobile.

In the beginning of the video, Jennie claimed that she was not particularly talented at the game. Instead, she was happy enough to have grasped the title of “first place” at least once in her life.

When playing on a team with Jisoo and streamer DDDD later in the show, she obviously did her best to be a reliable teammate.

Streamer DDDD

As someone who had been playing PUBG for a while, she had the basics grasped. It was just a matter of using the right moves at the right time.

Unfortunately, Jennie wasn’t immune to making mistakes. Probably her biggest one was when she killed off DDDD, her own teammate, when raiding a house.

He expressed his surprise, saying, “You killed me?” Jennie apologized right away, and with a hint of aegyo, she expressed her concern for him!

The setback didn’t slow her down! Jennie kept running around in the game, determined to win.

In the end, both her team and the one comprised of Lisa, Rosé, and Beenu ended up tied. Any mistakes were long forgotten as they all brought home the grand prize of hanwoo beef!

If you want to see BLACKPINK playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, check out the full video below.