BLACKPINK’s Jennie Knew Jisoo Was Injured—Even Before Jisoo Herself

Her leadership skills are showing!

As fans know well, BLACKPINK is full of caring members!

Jennie showed her sharp intuition and empathy when she immediately noticed Jisoo was injured—even before Jisoo herself.

Back in July 12, 2019, BLACKPINK performed an encore of their 2019 World Tour: In Your Area in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jisoo exuberantly greeted fans at the beginning of the concert.

While everyone was all smiles, Jennie suddenly turned serious and zeroed in on Jisoo’s elbow.

After pointing out her injury, the other members became equally concerned as well.

Jisoo wiped off the blood on her elbow while Rosé helped. Jennie and Lisa, meanwhile, tried to keep the energy high in the arena so as not to worry fans.

Nonetheless, BLINKs were still concerned about the eldest member.

Ever the professional, Jisoo stopped the bleeding and rose back up to greet everyone.

Jennie later passed on the band aid she got from the staff to help Jisoo.

Jennie’s quick thinking was definitely noted by fans. While BLACKPINK has no official leader, she acted like one would in that moment.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube