Netizens Compare BLACKPINK’s Jennie To The Main Character In A Novel

The stories of her life turn like the pages of a book.

With the recent news of Jennie dating BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon, netizens have started drawing comparisons between the BLACKPINK member and the life of the main character in a novel.

One post explained that Jennie debuted in a big company and quickly became a top star. In addition, as soon as she made a personal YouTube channel, millions of fans subscribed and she set a global record.

Jennie is the ambassador of Chanel, dates top male idols, and is even close friends with world stars like Rihanna.

The post received attention and top comments agreed by stating, “Seriously, her life must be so worth living… She’s living her one and only life in the most splendid way possible,” and “If a female lead of a novel had this life, people would say that the story is too exaggerated and would curse at the author.”

Jennie’s life seems to be one that is both admired and envied online.

Source: pannchoa


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