BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Secrets to Making Jennie Look like the Fiercest Cat of Them All

Jennie’s been receiving a lot of attention for her new look in “Kill This Love”.

With the recent release of BLACKPINK‘s “Kill This Love”, each member has been showing off overwhelming amounts of charisma and chic charms, but Jennie‘s new style and makeup have been receiving particular attention after the MV release.

In the video, Jennie almost looks like Lara Croft from Tomb Raider with her crop t-shirt, white pants, and a bold black belt.

In case anyone was wondering how Jennie looked so fierce in BLACKPINK’s most recent video, their makeup artist shared how she does Jennie’s makeup in a tutorial she uploaded on her social media.

She first applies a vanilla-toned foundation on her skin as a base.

She then uses a dark brown brow pencil to create a shadow on her lid that accentuates her double-eyelids.

After that, she uses lighter brown shadows to create a gradient on the outside parts of her eyes and then lines the bottom of her eyes with a black pencil.

To finish off her fierce eyes, she applies mascara on her eyelashes and glues on little crystals on the insides of her eyes.

And in order to prevent the smokey eyes from looking sloppy and dull, she applies a coral blush to her cheeks and a natural pink lipstick to her lips.

There you have it. That’s how BLACKPINK’s makeup artist created Jennie’s fierce cat-eye look that’s been receiving a lot of attention following the release of “Kill This Love”.

Source: Dispatch