Jennie’s Manager Allegedly Parked in a Restricted Area and Refused to Move His Van

Jennie’s manager doesn’t care about no parking tickets.

Comedian Jung Yong Gook recently appeared on SBS Power FM’s Bae Sung Jae’s Ten where he shared a story about a celebrity that visited his tripe restaurant.

Jung Yong Gook started off by sharing, “At around 11 at night, a black van stopped in front of our restaurant, so a valet guy showed up to talk to them.”


He went on to explain, “The valet guy told the manager to leave his van with the valet service because he would get ticketed if he just parked his car there.

According to Jung Yong Gook, the manager said that it was okay for him to just park there and get a parking ticket instead. Jung Yong Gook stressed, “That was his way of saying he was going to park there right in front of the restaurant doors.


As he reminisced the incident, he expressed his surprise once more by confessing, “I’ve never heard anyone say something like that before.

He then continued his story by sharing, “Two coordinators and two managers got out from that van. They then went inside and asked the staff to set a table for seven people.


Jung Yong Gook added that when they asked for the food to come out fully cooked and ready to eat, he had a feeling a celebrity was going to come in.

And as he predicted, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie came in soon afterward to enjoy her meal.

Regarding this incident, Jung Yong Gook added, “Jennie’s allowed to do that. She’s much prettier in person” and Bae Sung Jae confessed, “I’m a huge fan, too. That’s all I can say” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Here’s the full interview below:

Source: Insight