BLINKs Are Falling For Filipina Actress MayMay Entrata After Seeing Her Dance Cover Of Jennie’s “Solo”

She stunned everyone with her flawless dance cover:

Filipina actress MayMay Entrata is stealing the hearts of BLINKs the world over with her stunning dance cover of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s “Solo”.


At the end of September, MayMay and actor Edward Barber held their first major concert together, M.E. and U. While both of them brought some serious heat to the stage stunning performance after stunning performance, there was one that immediately caught the attention from BLINKs.


When “Solo” began playing during the concert, MayMay stepped onto the stage and immediately began dancing along bringing some serious fire!


As MayMay continued dancing she left everyone breathless not only with her confident aura…


But with her flawless moves too!


Soon after the concert, BLINKs began sharing the clip and sending some serious love to MayMay and they haven’t stopped since!


Meanwhile, MayMay is a certified BLINK herself. She’s been spotted at BLACKPINK’s concerts and has even busted out some more moves to many of BLACKPINK’s songs on stage!


As clips of her “Solo” performance continue to put a big smile on the faces of her fellow BLINKs, you can check out MayMay’s flawless cover in the fancam below: