BLINKs Have Been Photoshopping Jennie Into The Met Gala And It’s The Best Thing Ever

She might not have been there in person, but she was there in photos!

Ever since talks of this year’s Met Gala event started, BLINKs hoped that BLACKPINK would be able to attend. With their jam-packed schedule, however, they weren’t able to…or at least not until BLINKs flexed their photoshop skills!


The Met Gala took place on May 6, 2019, but BLINKs noticed that there was one thing missing, BLACKPINK! Knowing that Jennie is well-known for her killer style, they decided even if Jennie wasn’t there in person she would be there in photos!


So BLINKs took to photoshop and soon Jennie was making appearances in all sorts of photos. She spent some quality time with her friend Dua Lipa…


And took some time for a few photo ops!


Not to mention the stunning look she wore when she “arrived!”


Even if BLACKPINK weren’t able to attend the event at least BLINKs showed us what their attendance would have been like. Now fingers crossed we’ll get to see them rocking it at the 2020 Met Gala!