Someone Allegedly Found BLACKPINK Jennie’s Old Facebook…And BLINKs Are PISSED

A Twitter user claims Jennie used this account before she debuted.

A Twitter user claims to have found an old Facebook account that belongs to BLACKPINK‘s JennieBLINKs are not happy about it — to put it mildly.


The user says that the Facebook belonged to Jennie before she auditioned for YG Entertainment, and that she deleted all her photos from the account after she passed the audition.


The OP has shared alleged photos of Jennie and the people they claim are her friends, as well as dozens of comments.


Many of the comments posted range from rude to vulgar, and are supposedly from 2010, when Jennie was 14 years old.


The BLINKs who took it upon themselves to investigate say that the Facebook account does not, and never did, belong to Jennie. They are asking anyone who sees posts claiming otherwise to report it. They are also asking netizens to respect the privacy of both Jennie and the Facebook account’s true owner.


BLINKs are demanding that the OP delete the thread, claiming that it is nothing but malicious defamation.


The OP’s original thread has been on Twitter since January 18. The OP muted the thread on January 19 and, as of right now, still has not deleted it.