BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once “Slapped” Jisoo’s Hand During Their Concert — All Because Of Brand Loyalty

Jisoo was a bit surprised, but she realized after that Jennie meant well.

The group dynamics of BLACKPINK is adorable, because even though Jennie

…is a little bit younger than Jisoo, there are certain times when Jisoo’s love for BLINKs make her forget about the “technicalities” of being a fully certified K-Pop idol with an official partnership with brands.

After all, Jisoo loves acting adorable for the fans, even though she’s the oldest in group.

And Jennie seems mature and sophisticated for her age, don’t you think?

The difference in their personality can be seen during one of their concerts when Jisoo lovingly took a fan’s personal phone…

…and started to film a video of herself while holding it. How lucky for the BLINK!

Jisoo was seen on the big screen as she’s having the time of her life while filming herself — until Jennie saw her and immediately approached her.

To Jisoo’s shock, Jennie gently held Jisoo’s hand, and placed it downward in order to hide it from the screen.

Jisoo was visibly surprised at first, but then she realized her mistake — she was holding an iPhone from Apple

…even though BLACKPINK had an official brand sponsorship with Samsung, one of Apple’s biggest competitors!

Perhaps this is the reason why Jennie always looked for a Samsung phone during their concerts, right?

Even though she can’t get all the phones of their fans, Jennie’s love for BLINKs is also evident.