BLACKPINK Jennie’s Precious Reaction After Seeing Herself On The Big Screen At “Coachella 2023”

So cute ❤️

Week 2 of Coachella 2023 is finally here, and BLACKPINK delivered yet another amazing performance for fans! Clad in gorgeous stage outfits and belting their hit songs, each of the four members made it a night to remember.

A day after making fans proud, members Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé were spotted enjoying the music on the grounds as listeners instead of performers.

While watching, the “SOLO” singer clearly didn’t expect to see her face flash on the big screen.

She good-naturedly laughed out loud and shyly covered her face. Her adorable reaction had fans falling for her even more!

And although Jennie tried to avoid the camera once she saw it land on her…

…members Rosé and Lisa were the total opposite. The two didn’t mind the attention on them, completely focused on the music and soaking up all the good vibes.

From Jennie’s shy and lovable reaction to Lisa and Rosé’s chill one, it’s heartwarming to see the girls enjoying themselves to the fullest!

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