BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Protective Side By Shielding Jisoo From Being Exposed

She’s always looking out for her members, especially behind the scenes.

On stage and during photoshoots, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is well-known for showing her charismatic and fierce side. In reality, she has such a gentle personality, which shows in the way she interacts with her members.

A moment captured of Jennie protecting Jisoo from uncomfortably exposing too much skin proves just how much she protects her members behind the scenes.

For their Music Core performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” back in 2018, the performance that aired seemed to go smoothly without any mishaps. From a fancam of the same performance, that wasn’t quite the case due to the short length of their outfits.

While Jennie and Rosé were given shorts and pants to wear for the stage, Lisa and Jisoo were given items that posed a bit of a problem for the choreography part where they had to kneel on stage. Jisoo wore a skirt and Lisa a dress that lifted enough to reveal their safety shorts underneath.

Because Lisa kneeled behind Jennie, out of sight, Jisoo was the only one left unprotected for that part of the choreography. Noting that she could be exposed from the dress rising up more and the angle at which someone could snap revealing photos, Jennie jumped in to protect her.

Slightly changing the choreography, Jennie lowered her right hand, instead of raising it, to cover part of Jisoo’s skirt. She shielded where the skirt split to reveal more of her safety shorts underneath.

Despite having a protective layer to ensure that Jisoo wouldn’t be too exposed to prying eyes, Jennie couldn’t ignore it and let it slide.

If you’ve ever seen the invasive way that photos are sometimes taken of girl groups, it’s far too easy to snap ones that could look straight up their clothing. Jennie wouldn’t allow that for Jisoo.

Even though stage outfits can be far too revealing at times, it’s positive to see group members looking out for each other. Watch Jennie’s quick thinking protect Jisoo here.