BLACKPINK Jennie’s Reaction To Her Fan Cam “Cheating On Her” Is All Too Cute

“Who are you photographing!?!”

At her most recent fan meeting event, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie noticed her fan snapping pictures of her fellow BLACKPINK member. She cheekily called out the fan – in this adorable reaction video – and it’s simply the cutest thing to exist on the internet!


In the crowd of fans attending the fan meeting venue, Jennie spotted her fan whose camera is usually pointed toward her and taking flawless pictures of her. Just this time, the camera wasn’t quite aimed her way! As soon as Jennie realized this, she shouted at the fan, “Who are you photographing!?”


The fan quickly denies Jennie’s accusation that he’s cheating on her with another member – but Jennie continued to look butthurt.


As Jennie shot this fan the world’s cutest death glare, Jisoo chimed in and told Jennie to let it go and not fight. Look how cute and playful Jennie and Jisoo are with their fans!


Everything, from Jennie’s facial expression to her cute-angry voice, is making fans UWU over this little moment. All eyes on Jennie, please!