Jennie Just Received A Personal Thank You From The CEO Of Pop Socket Korea

Jennie was personally thanked for helping the company:

BLACKPINK have the ability to sell out anything and everything they touch. Their ability to turn anything into gold has left one CEO completely impressed and even resulted in a special thank you message!


Recently, photos of BLACKPINK were uploaded on Billboard‘s Instagram page that helped cause quite a stir online. In the photos, Jennie can be seen holding her phone with a special phone grip from the brand Pop Socket.


And it’s this particular accessory that has caused the CEO of Pop Socket Korea to give Jennie a personal thank you! Jennie has been seen using that phone grip for a while now and according to the company, their sales of 6 million units can be linked back to her!

Pop Socket is a brand developed by David Barnett and currently sells more than 6 million units in a month.

— Lee Nam Soo, CEO of Pop Socket Korea


Among all the units that are sold, the majority of them just so happen to be the very same one that Jennie uses and has even been nicknamed the “Jennie grip!”

I’m really grateful that Jennie uses our grips and she always looks so natural doing it too!

— Lee Nam Soo, CEO of Pop Socket Korea


Now that’s the power of Jennie!

Source: FN News