5 Moments That Prove Jennie and Irene’s Inseparable Friendship

Their friendship transcends their 5-year age difference.

Despite being under different entertainment agencies, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene have been fostering their close friendship ever since they went to the same hair salon.

Their friendship is so strong that they make fans forget that there’s a 5-year difference between them. Here are 5 moments that proved Jennie and Irene’s inseparable friendship:

1. When they went on a trip abroad together

Jennie and Irene recently attracted attention for being spotted in an L.A. restaurant together.

When the bill came, they even appeared to be insisting that they would pay. On this day, Irene was also spotted taking photos for Jennie, which warmed the hearts of the spectators.

2. The time they swapped dance moves on stage

Last December, Jennie and Irene highlighted each other’s key moves on stage at MBC’s Show! Music Core.

During Jennie’s performance of “SOLO”, she showed off a dance move from Red Velvet’s “RBB”, and during Irene’s performance of “RBB”, she pointed at her shoulder as Jennie does in her song.

3. The way they hug each other every time they run into each other

Irene is known to run into Jennie’s arms every time she sees her. This tendency was proven at the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

On this day, Irene was seen hugging Jennie, and Jennie didn’t hesitate to hug her back. They were even seen making hearts with their hands during photo time.

4. When Irene sent Jennie a gift after her first independent concert

Last year, Jennie posted a photo of a gift along with the caption, “My thoughtful Cabbage Unnie.

Cabbage is one of Irene’s nicknames, and due to her busy schedule at the time, she couldn’t attend Jennie’s concert. So as an apology, she sent her this nicely wrapped gift.

5. The time Irene clapped enthusiastically for Jennie’s win at an awards ceremony

At the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards, Jennie won the Artist of the Year award for her solo song, “SOLO”.

When Jennie went up to the podium to accept her award, Irene was seen clapping enthusiastically and watching with proud eyes. It was evident that she couldn’t hide her excitement for her friend’s accomplishment.

Source: Insight