BLACKPINK Jennie Replaced Seolhyun As The Sexy Sprite Girl (7 Photos)

Sexy cool and yet extremely hot!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the new face of Sprite and her recent pictures for the drink have been receiving all sorts of praise.


Prior to BLACKPINK becoming the models for Sprite, the position was filled by AOA’s Seolhyun.


Sprite is known for choosing the hottest female idols as their models. Past models also include Suzy and Clara.


While Jennie has always looked ridiculously good, these photos show off her hot body while displaying her unique sexy yet cool concept perfectly while looking super sweet at the same time.


Her jean shorts, off the shoulder crop top, and unique beauty make her look like the goddess she is and give off an overall refreshing feeling that set hearts aflutter.


Fans went absolutely crazy as soon as the photos went up because of how amazing she looks.


They soon called her style “the coolest sexy of cool sexy,” and it’s easy to see why!


Fans had nothing but compliments for Jennie and her sexy cool look.

  • “That aura, she’s gorgeous.”

  • “So uniquely pretty.”

  • “So charming. She’s not your traditional beauty type but she’s sexy in a cute way. The type that’s charming to both men and women… full of sexiness on stage, full of aegyo off stage.”

  • “She’s pretty in such a charming way.”

  • “Wow! Amazing!”

  • “She looks so sexy.”

  • “These photos show just how pretty she is!”

  • “She’s a goddess!”


Sprite certainly made a good choice!


Source: News Nate