BLACKPINK’s Meme Queen Jennie Has Returned With High-Quality Meme Content We All Deserve

The meme queen is back!

BLINKs have always been blessed with plenty of top-notch meme content thanks to the meme queens themselves and now, they’ve got one more meme to add to their collection thanks to Jennie.


Last month, BLACKPINK appeared on the Late Late Show With James Corden where they dazzled with their performances and played a surprising game of “Flinch.” Their appearance on the show also turned out to be prime meme territory, especially from Jennie. Not only did Jennie provide everyone with some meme gold when she played “Flinch”…


She also got caught in this pose which turned out to be the quality meme content everyone was looking for.


The new meme which fans have loving dubbed the “fighting Jennie”, the “provoking Jennie”, and the “challenging Jennie” meme has recently been causing a stir among BLINKs. Fans have been pairing up Jennie’s picture with a similar meme of another idol so it looks like the two are challenging each other in some way.


While the meme is very popular and has even been going viral among Indonesian BLINKs, fans from all over the world are joining in to create their own hilarious memes from the photo!


With this latest meme, Jennie has once again solidified her meme queen title and we love it!