BLACKPINK’s Jennie Savagely Critiqued Jisoo’s Basketball Skills, But Jisoo Didn’t Mind

“Jisoo is apparently a pro.”

BLACKPINK is seemingly good at everything. From dancing…

…to singing…

…and to acting, they’ve made their mark among fans and non-fans alike.

If there’s one thing that they aren’t as known for, however, it’s their athletic ability. Though BLACKPINK is capable of playing sports, they rarely show off their moves in broadcasts. Since they’re so busy with their current schedules, they don’t have time to play for fun.

Jennie: I’m no longer a professional now.

Jisoo: I’m not a professional either.

While Jennie talked to BLINKs in a sports-centric online broadcast, Jisoo had the time of her life playing basketball. Unfortunately for her, her shots rarely made it into the basket.

Jisoo is apparently a pro at basketball which, obviously, I’m not sure of.

— Jennie

Jennie savagely commented that her unnie didn’t have the skills needed to get her shots in, but at least she was enjoying herself. The older member didn’t mind her words, continuing her play time without a hitch.

It seems like she’s having fun on her own. That’s what matters, right?

— Jennie

In Jisoo’s defense, she was able to have a few successful throws throughout the video!

If you want to see Jisoo playing basketball and Jennie making savage commentary, check out the full video below.

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