Jennie Reveals The Tremendous Amount Of Effort That Goes Into Posting One Selfie

You’d never have imagined she’d go through so much!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a queen of selfies as she looks drop dead gorgeous in every selfie she uploads!


However, there was a secret to how Jennie nailed the selfie game each and every time! Jisoo and Jennie recently held a live broadcast where the latter shared a surprising secret!

“Everyone, should I show you something funny? I uploaded a selfie today, and do you know how I took it?

— Jennie


Jennie showed the fans the gallery on her phone… and it was full of numerous selfie-attempts!


She just confessed that she really fits the description of those who “take 100 photos to upload 1”!

“A secret just between you and me.”

— Jennie


It’s completely normal in the selfie game, and even Jennie admitted that it’s hard to upload the perfect selfie!

“This is normal. It’s hard [taking a selfie].”

— Jennie


Jennie then surprised the fans by declaring that she was going to delete the selfies that she recently uploaded!

“I’m going to delete my selfie. I’m going to delete it right now.”

— Jennie


But fans were quick to grab them off her Instagram before she could do so! How could she delete these beautiful selfies that took so much time and effort?!


Now everyone know the secret to the Queen of Selfie’s success!


Watch Jisoo and Jennie hilariously reveal their secret below (Starts at 1:03:00):