BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has Only Two Modes: Hot As Hell And Cute AF

Jennie’s duality is just one more reason to stan her.

BLACKPINK‘s rapper Jennie has a dual personality that makes fans say “awww” one minute and “damn, girl” the next!


This beauty queen can be adorable and sweet…


…but also sizzling hot!


Jennie gives absolutely no warning when she is going to change from this girl-next-door…


…to this fiery goddess of the stage!


The sudden shift has been known to cause heart attacks, fainting spells, and can reduce even the most articulate fan into an incoherent, emotional mess.


Unfortunately, Jennie shows no signs of stopping.


Like a chameleon, she changes her colors (or in this case, her personality) at will.


All fans can do is keep a defibrillator on hand and enjoy the show!


BONUS:  Okay, we lied. Jennie has more than two sides. In addition to being hot as hell and cute AF, Jennie can also be seriously…




All of Jennie’s sides are so endearing, that the more BLINKs get to know her, the more they love her!