BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Off Her True Personality On Running Man, And Won Over Fan’s Hearts

“The duality of Jennie is why I have trust issues…”

BLINKs waited a long time for the episode of Running Man featuring BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Jisoo and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The haunted house bit, where Jennie and host Lee Kwang Soo go through some scary surprises, turned this into the absolute best episode fans have seen yet!

As soon as Jennie and Lee Kwang Soo entered the haunted house, things quickly spiraled out of control. With monsters and ghosts popping up everywhere, Jennie began crying hysterically.

Once the two made it out of the haunted house, Lee Kwang Soo got upset with the staff for putting Jennie through so much! When the producer told Jennie that she failed her mission, Jennie hopelessly cried and agreed.

Once rejoined by the other hosts and guests of the show, Jennie started complaining to the camera that other Running Man hosts lied to her about it not being scary.

The whole time, Jennie is crying like a precious little baby — and this really made all the fans’ hearts simply explode.

Viewers immediately fell in love with Jennie’s cutest personality. When Jennie sniffled, as she tried to pull herself together, fans couldn’t help but laugh at how silly and adorable Jennie is!

  • “So this is the other side of the cold and badass Jennie that we know. So f*cking cute!”

  • “This is currently my favorite video on the internet.”

  • “I feel bad for laughing. She’s so cute I want to hug her!”

  • “The duality of Jennie is why I have trust issues…”

  • My eyes get watery while watching her crying. She looks so cute, but I just felt like I want to hug her. Poor baby!”

  • “Forgive me Jennie… But I’m literally rolling on the floor!”

Watch the full clip here:

Running Man

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