BLACKPINK’s Jennie Does Not Mind Holding Snakes—But Butterflies Once Sent Her Running

She’s the cutest! 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is one of the most—and least—fearless people, and we love her more for it.


Canadian model Tavia Bonetti recently posted an Instagram story of a hand holding a snake. She tagged Jennie in the photo, showing that it was the rapper herself who was petting the reptile.

Jennie petting a snake | @taviabonetti/Instagram

The snake Jennie had on her palm was of the friendly hognose species. Despite its sweet temperament, not many people would be comfortable holding one.

Fans were equally surprised because of her duality. Although Jennie was not afraid of snakes, she was afraid of something others typically wouldn’t mind: butterflies!

When Jennie appeared on SBS‘s Running Man, she expected to play games, get wet, and make new friends—but she did not expect a butterfly to fly so close to her face. She screamed and ran as far away as she could!

Her fellow cast members couldn’t help but laugh at her cute reaction. Kwangsoo called out after her, “Hey! It’s just a butterfly!” while Yoo Jae Suk escorted her back to her seat, amused at the K-Pop idol’s unfortunate predicament.

Besides the butterfly incident, hedgehogs are also animals she does not particularly love.

Last 2018, she held up a hedgehog to the camera but put it back down almost right away.

Her duality? We love it!

Source: Instagram

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