BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spills On How Challenging The Gentle Monster Photoshoot Was

“It was a long and intense session…”

While the items a part of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s collection with Gentle Monster were attracting attention by themselves, the photos taken by Hugo Comte promoting them were just as popular. Fitting four of Jennie into one photo had blown everyone away.

Wearing a black two-piece of a cropped shirt and pants, along with matching pumps and statement red glasses, Jennie looked charismatic.

In a white dress and pumps with a neutral pair of glasses and chain, she was delicately chic.

Wearing a flashy patterned dress and old-school style glasses, Jennie was the perfect balance between laidback and cool.

Jennie’s different expressions in every photo added another layer to make them even more stunning. In an interview with Gentle Monster, they asked her to share any “BTS episodes with Hugo,” revealing that those photos weren’t as simple as they looked.

Since Jennie is only one person and can’t be in more than one place at a time, it would be easy to think there had been other models to help fill those spaces. Jennie revealed they didn’t have enough time to prepare anyone else.

Together, she and Hugo worked to get every detail perfect, “We weren’t able to bring in real clones… so we had to plan every angle and pose so the photos could perfectly come together into one.”

As if constantly thinking of the poses and their placement wasn’t tricky enough, the proper lighting for the scenes had also been a hurdle for Hugo to overcome.

Even Jennie could see how hard he’d worked to piece it all together, “This was a challenge for Hugo since he had to constantly adjust the lighting and angles.”

Although it had been a bit of a challenge for Jennie as well because of the focus and time it required, she was impressed by how well Hugo worked his magic.

She loved that they were able to create photos so stunning, “It was a long and intense session, but Hugo was absolutely amazing, and I had a great time.”

It takes truly talented individuals to make something difficult look so effortless. These photos will forever be iconic.

Source: Gentle Monster