Jennie Got Stuck Under The Stage At BLACKPINK’s London Concert

She handled the situation like a pro.

Jennie experienced an unexpected technical malfunction at a BLACKPINK concert.


On May 22, BLACKPINK performed at London’s Wembley Arena as part of their In Your Area world tour. BLINKs and BLACKPINK made many unforgettable memories together, including one that confused everyone at first.


At the show, each member got to perform a solo song to showcase their individual talents, but things didn’t go as planned for Jennie’s “Solo”.


At some point, a stage lift stopped working, causing a delay. Jennie was unable to appear on stage on time, but she handled the situation with poise and humor by explaining it to BLINKs.

Sorry about the [malfunction] with the lift and the little pause that we had. I was stuck under the lift, I was like “I need to come up!” I managed to use the stairs.

— Jennie


Thankfully, this little mishap didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the show!