BLACKPINK’s Jennie Loved These Two Subjects Most In New Zealand—Here’s How She Uses Her Learnings As A K-Pop Idol

She studied in Auckland as a child.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie isn’t just a talented singer, she’s also a smart one! In an interview with Rolling Stone, she delved deeper into her childhood including her academic performance.


Jennie was an elementary school student when she moved from South Korea to Auckland, New Zealand, by herself. Contrary to how most children would behave in her situation, it did not take her long to acclimate to her new surroundings. She even thanked her mom right away for giving her such an experience.

No [I wasn’t lonely]. I was like, ‘Thank you, Mom!’ I loved going to school.

— Jennie

Jennie Pre-Debut in New Zealand

The BLACKPINK rapper was a model student whose best trait was being organized. She took each class seriously and studied well at home.

I really liked rewriting notes, organizing my notebooks, taking notes with different colored pens. It’s not so much the content; it’s the act of organizing that’s fun. I’d first take notes—with a pencil—at school, then at home, I’d rewrite them with colored pens.

— Jennie 

Jennie Pre-Debut | Netflix

She also revealed her favorite subjects were the ones where she did not need extensive English skills. As a non-native English speaker, she quickly realized that data-based subjects were her forte.

My favorite subjects were science and math. I liked learning formulas and inputting data. Partly because English was my second language, I was more scared of English classes. But math and science—if I memorized the formulas, I could use them like Korean.

— Jennie

Though Jennie did not end up in a corporate job that uses math or science, she still applies her learnings into her daily life as a celebrity, albeit in a slightly different way. She is so used to being organized and responsible that she puts order in group activities even when no managers or teachers are around.

If you leave all of us alone, we don’t get stuff done. We play. If you lock us in a room, we turn on music and dance. But I keep thinking about the deadlines, what we have to get done by today, and so on. So I tell the others that.

— Jennie

Learn more about Jennie’s childhood in the article below.

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Source: Rolling Stone


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