Want The Suitcase Scooter That BLACKPINK’s Jennie Rides Everywhere? Here’s What You Need To Know About It

She loves it!

When it comes to brand love, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has a lot of it for a specific item. She doesn’t go anywhere in the BORN PINK world tour without her trusty suitcase scooter.

Jennie at the airport with her manager carrying her suitcase (left)

She even brought it out on stage during the group’s BORN PINK soundcheck in Mexico.

In fact, it is because of her love for this piece of machinery that most of the other BLACKPINK members now have their own as well!

Jennie’s obsession started when she hopped on a normal suitcase that was being pulled along by a friend. From her expression, it was clear that she found it fun.

It was no wonder she eventually moved on to a version that would allow her to ride around the set with ease! Introducing the Airwheel “SMART Riding Luggage.”

This contraption captured the heart of Jennie with its dual purpose as a scooter and a suitcase all in one.

The Airwheel is made of aviation-grade aluminum and comes in various colors such as gray, blue, and of course, Jennie’s favorite pink. It carries a maximum load of 110kg and can go up to 13 km/hr.

It can be bought straight from their website for around $1,000 USD each.

Soon after she added one to her collection, her fellow BLACKPINK members caught the scooter bug and rode it around the concert venues as well. Besides being a source of fun, it appears to live up to its promise of being “flexible and convenient.”

When it comes to touring, Jennie can’t leave behind her favorite luggage no matter where she goes!


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