BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sweetly Surprised Her Members With A Homemade Breakfast

She’s so caring!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie cares so much for her members that she cooked breakfast for them!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

While filming the variety show BLACKPINK House, Jennie planned to surprise the other members with pancakes for breakfast.

“The girls won’t know what I’ve been preparing.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

As Jennie prepared to make the pancakes, she told viewers to make sure they don’t use too much butter when buttering their pan because the pancakes will burn. Then, she realized she accidentally put too much butter, so she had to take some out.

After grabbing the perfect amount of batter for a mini pancake, she started making the first pancake.

Jennie thought the first pancake didn’t look appetizing, so she set it aside for herself before making prettier ones for the members.

“I can eat this one.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

She burned the next pancake, so she set that one aside for herself, too.

“It burned you guys. I’ll eat this one, too.” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

The next pancake came out perfectly though, and Jennie successfully flipped it!

As she was cooking, the other members were drawn to the kitchen by the smell of the pancakes.

Jennie prepared toppings for the pancakes that JisooRosé, and Lisa could use according to their tastes. She set out maple syrup, passion fruit and pineapple sauce, passion fruit sauce, fruit, and whipped cream.

All of BLACKPINK enjoyed Jennie’s homemade pancakes together and thanked her for her sweet gesture!

See all of Jennie’s pancake-making fun below!




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