Jennie Is Taking Over The Internet With Her Stunning Visuals

Once again Jennie was the vision of elegance:

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been blinding everyone with her visuals lately. First, there was her stunning appearance at the Chanel 2019/20 Fall-Winter Ready-to-War Collection Show at Paris Fashion Week and now her jaw-dropping participation at the recent Hera event.


With plenty of dark colors to match the black theme at the Hera event to celebrate the launch of their new foundation line, it proved a very unique backdrop.


Jennie’s own all-black outfit perfectly matched the theme and showed off a completely different side of her. It was particularly a stark contrast between the all-white ensemble she wore at Paris Fashion Week.


The all-black look definitely drew eyes as no one could look away from her.


Her loose locks also added a special element of charm to her look and fans were immediately reminded of a head CEO and queen!


Jennie quickly captured everyone’s heart and took over social media sites with her gorgeous visuals.


It can’t be denied that Jennie once again stole the spotlight with her stunning sense of fashion and goddess-level visuals.