BLACKPINK’s Jennie Couldn’t Resist Teasing WINNER’s Mino Over His Trophy

They were total bickering siblings 😂

Whether they’re attending each other’s concerts or playing around, WINNER‘s Mino and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie radiate sibling energy and proved it with their funny bickering on The Game Caterers 2.

Jennie and Mino. | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

After Mino won the final round of the strawberry game against Jennie, she showed the most adorable sad face at coming so close to winning the trophy. Jennie cutely said, “I want that,” as she held the trophy.

Though Mino had already tried to give the trophy back to the staff, he saw another opportunity and said, “I am weak-hearted, so I will give this to Jennie.

Seeing how excited Mino was to win the game until he saw the prize was only a trophy, Jennie wasn’t falling for it. She made everyone laugh by refusing his offer and joking that he could’ve just lost on purpose instead.

No thanks. You won. You could’ve let me win.

— Jennie

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