BLACKPINK’s Jennie Has Such A Tiny Waist, You Might Do A Double Take


Though BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is most known in the group for her tiny waist, Jennie also grabs people’s attention with her slim physique! She proves that BLACKPINK’s visuals are truly out of this world.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

She recently awed everyone with her photos in the 2020 BLACKPINK’s Summer Diary in Seoul which was released last August 31. She dressed in a simple top and jeans that highlighted her small waist.

Her shirt, a Ninny Rainbow Logo Crop Top, was worth $67 USD. With her fashion prowess, she made it look even more expensive than it actually is.

Jennie’s newer stage outfits in their recent comebacks like “How You Like That” also emphasized her enviable waistline. Crop tops are one of her most recognizable fashion pieces for good reason.

Best yet, she has an S-line body that’s absolutely unreal in bodycon dresses. No one can deny that she’s 100% gorgeous from head to toe!

Probably of of her most iconic moments was the Sprite event in 2018 that not only showed off her tiny waist, but also her abs. Her flying yoga exercises have definitely paid off.

When it comes to physique, Jennie is one of the most eye-catching in the industry!