Fans Thought BLACKPINK Jennie Was Completely Topless In These Selfies

Sometimes a little cropping can lead to a big misunderstanding.

BLACKPINK fans were in for a surprise when these “topless” Jennie photos started circulating the web.


In these closely-cropped selfies, it isn’t exactly clear what Jennie is wearing…


…which led some netizens to speculate that she wasn’t wearing anything at all!


Although Jennie has worn plenty of sexy outfits…


…nudity has never been this queen’s style.


As such, BLINKs weren’t surprised when these topless claims were proven false. The full versions of each photo show that Jennie was, in fact, wearing a stunning, patterned dress at the time.


Any girl who has ever worn a strapless top knows the struggle. A bad cropping job is all it takes to go from wearing a cute outfit…


…to wearing nothing but your birthday suit.


Luckily, K-Pop fans are some of the best amateur detectives around, and can use their web prowess to help stars like Jennie avoid groundless scandals.


Don’t worry, Jennie. BLINKs have got your (fully clothed) back!