BLACKPINK’s Jennie and TWICE’s Tzuyu Are the Worst at Taking Selfies

But they give it a good effort.

If there’s one evident thing that BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and TWICE‘s Tzuyu have in common, it’s that they’re both the visual centers of their groups.

But they have something else in common. They’re both bad at taking selfies.

Late last year, Jennie uploaded selfies of herself captioned, My first selfies. I feel like I’ll delete them soon.

It’s evident that Jennie looks much better in photos that other people took of her.

She uploaded these photos with the caption: “Selfies are hard.

In comparison, these photos were taken by someone else:

In the case of TWICE’s Tzuyu as well, Jihyo even mentioned in a recent radio broadcast that Tzuyu needs to learn how to selfie from scratch.

The other members said, “She takes a lot of selfies for a really long time, but they don’t turn out well.

In contrast, photos that other people took of her are phenomenal.

Is this something that all visual centers have in common?

Source: Dispatch