BLACKPINK’s Jennie Took A Liking To The Most Unique Item—And Her Labelmates Were Shooked

She also changed their POV with one sentence.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has very interesting tastes!

In Episode 8 of The Game Caterers 2, members of BLACKPINK, WINNER, iKON, SECHSKIES, AKMU, and TREASURE participated in a game with several prizes at stake. Each time they made a mistake, one prize was taken away. The first one to go was none other than acupuncture slippers while the last one was a set of premium meat.

Just when they were about to lose their beloved beef, WINNER’s Mino and TREASURE’s Jihoon were able to convince the show’s main producer, Na PD, to bring back one more prize to increase their chances of winning.

Mino: We have one more person now [since Seungyoon joined late]. We have one more player now so shouldn’t we get one more prize?

Jihoon: There are higher chances for us to answer it wrong.

Mino: Don’t we deserve another prize?

The ever-so-generous Na PD immediately agreed to bring back one prize…the one they all liked least!

I’ll add the acupuncture slippers.

— Na PD

Seungyoon joked, “Wow, they look so useless!” The producer explained that despite its strange appearance, it was actually a hot commodity nowadays.

Many people wear them when they work.

— Na PD

Jennie stepped forward to agree with this statement. Apparently, she often brings her own set of acupuncture slippers with her to various schedules.

I wear them in the waiting room.

— Jennie

Her statement made the entire room pause for a second. Even Na PD was surprised at what she said.

You wear these?!

— Na PD

Seungyoon was also dumbfounded, asking, “Why?”

Jennie explained that using acupuncture slippers helps her to “not look puffy.” They are known to improve blood circulation, relaxing the nerves in one’s feet and giving one pain relief.

Seungyoon immediately changed his mind and wanted one for himself as well!

Then I need one too.

— Seungyoon

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube