BLACKPINK’s Jennie vs Red Velvet’s Irene: Plastic Surgeons Decide Who’s Prettier

They’re two of the prettiest stars of the 3rd generation, but who is better looking from a plastic surgeon’s perspective?

According to plastic surgeon YouTubers Doctor Friends, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and Red Velvet‘s Irene were the two Korean celebrities cosmetic surgery patients wanted to look like the most in 2019. But from a beauty expert’s perspective, which idol is prettier? Here’s Dr. Kim Gui Rak and Dr. Kim Tae Gyu’s analysis of Jennie and Irene along with their verdict on the prettiest half of “Jenrene”.

Face & eyes

Given how popular jaw sculpting procedures and eyelid surgeries are in Korea, it’s no surprise that Doctor Friends take facial and eye shapes into account when analyzing beauty. Facial expert Dr. Kim Tae Gyu explained that Jennie has a cute face with chubby cheeks. These cheeks are a particular charming point for Jennie, giving her a youthful vibe and earning her the sweet nickname “mandu” (dumpling) from her fans.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On top of that, Jennie has a thin neck, her overall facial outline complementing her small and slender figure.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Irene, on the other hand, has a face shape Dr. Kim Tae Gyu described as “classic beauty“. Since both her face and features are small, her large eyes stand out even more.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

The surgeon went on to say that, in contrast to Jennie, Irene has a thick neck. However, he says that many people don’t notice it because her big eyes draw all the attention.

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Nose jobs are another highly popular surgery, so Doctor Friends looked at Irene and Jennie’s nose proportions too. Nose expert Dr. Kim Gui Rak told viewers that Irene’s nose—another example of “classic beauty“—is proportioned perfectly. Her nose is completely straight, and the shape, height, and angles all complement the rest of her face.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

Jennie, meanwhile, has a lower and shorter nose than Irene. However, these proportions fit Jennie’s face just as well. Dr. Kim Gui Rak described her nose as a combination of adorable, unique, and trendy all at the same time.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The verdict

Doctor Friends had to be pressed pretty hard to choose the prettiest idol of the two, but when they answered, the result was unanimous: Irene. According to both plastic surgeons, Irene’s face stands out the most because of her “classic beauty with emphasis on the eyes“.

Of course, both stars are undeniably two of the most beautiful of their generation. Dr. Kim Tae Gyu revealed he’s a Jennie fan himself, and although he agrees that Irene is prettier from a surgeon’s perspective, he said Jennie has a “beauty with an aura” that stands out.

Source: 의사친[의사사람친구] (YouTube)