BLACKPINK’s Jennie Once Went Viral For Her Reactions In A Haunted House—And It’ll Make You A Fan

Even non-fans will think she’s cute.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may look tough on stage, but she’s a softie in real life. Fans can never get enough of her, and this was seen when she went viral in Korea for being herself.

Her 2018 appearance in SBS‘s Running Man was one for the books. Not only did she make the cast members fall in love with her, but she was also iconic in every scene.

The particular moment that made everyone, even non fans, interested in her was when she participated in the haunted house scene.

Screaming, crying, and laughing, she did it all. Her image of a cool rapper was erased in a second as she entered the room and was immediately frightened.

When the tears began flowing, viewers felt a mix of sadness and amusement. Netizens’ impression of her was of a girl who was soft on the inside.

Jennie was one hundred percent lovable! Her fellow cast members rushed to comfort her the moment she stepped out of the room.

In the latest appearance of BLACKPINK on Running Man during their “Lovesick Girls” promotion, the hosts brought up her virality again.

The clip of Jennie in the haunted house went viral. It’s still popular. It’s still all over the internet.

— Ji Suk Jin

She reacted happily to the news, considering it a fond memory despite being so afraid.

Check out the full clip below!

Running Man

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