BLACKPINK Jennie, WINNER Jinu, And Mino’s Close Friendship Started From Their Trainee Days

“I joined in the same year he did.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie‘s close friendship with WINNER‘s Jinu and Mino goes way back to their trainee days, which they recently talked about on The Game Caterers 2.

Jinu, Mino, and Jennie with two children. | @gudcjf3365/Instagram

Jennie confirmed that she and Jinu “joined in the same year” back in 2010, making YG Entertainment their new home.

Shortly after, Mino “joined a little later.” Looking back on those days, Jennie shared a funny memory—of not remembering one.

Although Mino had been training with them, Jennie admitted, “I only remember Jinu.

Proving how close they are, Mino was ready to tease her by joking that they should switch seats because she’d joined the company first and were seated by seniority.

Check out the close friends talking about the trainee days that brought them together.