BLACKPINK’s Jennie Wins The Visual Game With Her Natural Beauty On Live Broadcast

How does she keep becoming more gorgeous?

On her latest live broadcast, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie brought her two adorable dogs Kai and Kuma in front of the camera and the three of them made fans drop all their UWUs. Jennie looked as gorgeous as ever, showing off her more natural side – and fans are calling this her new best live!


Jennie has actually been away from live broadcasting for a while – so fans were thrilled to have her back when she finally returned to the platform. She interacted with her viewers in English and Korean, while discussing things like BLACKPINK’s 3rd anniversary coming up soon.


Jennie was spotted wearing a simple sky blue top, but she looked breathtaking nonetheless. In fact, Jennie was quite the “natural beauty” during this broadcast. Her make-up was very light and casual, and fans are going crazy for this “daily look”. Even off-stage, Jennie is wowing her followers with perfect hair, flawless skin, stunning smile, and body goals.


On this live broadcast, fans also got to see Jennie interact with Kai and Kuma – her two beloved pets.


Jennie and the dogs were super cute and fans can’t quite handle the triple visual-fiesta!


Not only did Jennie go beyond with her visual, but also her “aegyo” filled personality completely charmed the viewers too. Fans can’t stop watching this live broadcast because Jennie is simply her all-natural self – super cute and affectionate.


Until the very end, Jennie was simply a fluffy ball of energy and love. Fans are in love with Jennie’s broadcast and are already thirsty for the next episode!


Watch the full broadcast here: