BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals She Forgets All Her Hardships Thanks To BLINKS

A grateful queen.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and her adorable puppy Kuma graced the cover of May’s issue of Vogue Korea. For the past four years, Jennie has been shown through Vogue’s platform as a chameleon who continues to be a global icon for not only the music industry but also the fashion industry. It is only natural for Vogue to have their interest and attention towards her.

During the interview after the photo shoot, Jennie revealed that music and performance has always been a huge part of her life. “I don’t actually remember the first time I danced and sang in front of other people. I’ve always loved to sing and dance since I was young. If you look at all my childhood photos, I am always singing or dancing with my friends.”

In terms of fashion shows, she chose the 2019 F/W Chanel show to be one that she will never forget. “I was truly honored to be able to attend Karl Lagerfield’s last collection and to be there with all those people.” She admitted that although it was always her dream to be able to work with huge brands like Chanel, she also felt a lot of pressure as well. “But now I just try to enjoy it. Being able to work with brands I love and creating new visuals is another feeling of accomplishment that is different from what you get when you finish producing music.”

She honestly still can’t believe that she is able to work as Chanel’s ambassador and have an influence in the fashion industry. In regards to opening her own fashion label, she commented, “I’ve never actually thought about it but if I were to I would like to make clothes that are comfortable and natural.”

In terms of music, Vogue asked if there was any type of music genre that she would like to try next. “I want to continue to show my growth as a singer and a musician. If I have the opportunity, I would also like to learn photography at a professional level as well.”

I want to be able to photograph the sky well. I become happy without knowing it when I stare at the pretty sky. I’ve realized that it’s difficult to capture the beauty of the sky in a photo. I hope to collaborate with today’s photographer, Hong Jang Hyun, someday. I learn a lot every time we have a photo shoot together.

Born in 1996, Jennie is included in the age of millennial musicians who use social media with fans. “Because my job is one that involves being in front of a large audience, I know that many people will be influenced by me. That is all the more reason why I have a responsibility to spread good influence to others. I chased my dreams by looking up to my favorite artists so I know there are people out there who look up to me too.”

With all the hardships the group has faced for practices, concerts, and albums, she has decided not to look at things in a negative light. “I am always thankful to fans that leave responses right away. I receive a lot of close and real energy at concerts. Strangely enough, it is because of all the love and support from the fans that make me forget about all the hard times!”

Source: vogue