BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Jentle Home” Is Almost Open & Everyone Is In Awe Of The Giant Dollhouse

Jennie is a creative genius.

The Jentle Home pop-up store collaboration between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Gentle Monster is finally semi-open, and everyone who’s seen the giant dollhouse can’t believe their eyes.

It’s been a while since BLACKPINK’s Jennie began working with popular Korean glasses brand Gentle Monster, but their collaborations just keep getting bigger and bigger. Not only has Jennie designed her own Gentle Monster glasses, she’s also created a brand-new line in conjunction with the brand: Jentle Home.

Back in March 2020, Marie Claire Korea released its April issue featuring Jennie and her “1996” sunglasses on the cover. The magazine revealed that Jennie herself had a huge creative role in both the glasses design and Jentle Home itself.

Alongside serving as promotion for the sunglasses, the magazine release also marked the launch of the Jentle Home collection goods. The online range included rings, lipstick, and cell phones—all of which were made out of colorful, edible candy.

But things didn’t stop there. As well as selling online, Gentle Home and Jennie decided to open a physical store too.

Credit: @kkomuzak211 on Instagram

Construction has been underway in Seoul for several weeks now, and Gentle Monster has kept Jennie fans fed with progress pictures of the store, which even features photos of Jennie’s dogs, Kuma and Kai.

Now, the store is finally semi-open to the public, and everyone whose seen it is in awe.

Credit: @saintjiwon on Instagram

The front of the store features a real-life “Jentle Home”—a gigantic dollhouse that’s almost life-sized.

Credit: @leehaeinn on Instagram

Each room contains figurines of people wearing the sunglasses Jennie designed.

Credit: @blackpink5677 on Instagram

The curtain-covered building behind the dollhouse is the Jentle Home store itself, where Jennie’s sunglasses and collection goods will be sold to the public. Due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) safety restrictions, it’s still unclear when the main store will be opening.

Credit: @saintjiwon on Instagram

Until then, fans are having plenty of fun snapping photos of the exterior display, which is just so quintessentially Jennie.

Credit: @jinyku on Instagram