BLACKPINK Jisoo Exposed Her Jaw-Dropping Abs In Recent Performance

Fans are literally dying because of Jisoo.

BLACKPINK performed a series of their hottest hits recently at Korea University, and all eyes were glued to Jisoo‘s new physique!


Jisoo looked stunning as usual dressed in a cropped white shirt and red skirt, but her new set of defined abs stole the show!


It looked as if she’s recently been focusing on her fitness, as her abs were clear as day.


Her stomach was toned as she showed off the famous “11-abs”.

“11-abs” refers to the shape of when abdominal muscles aren’t defined to a six pack but have two straight lines defining them like the number 11. These types are abs are popular among Korean women.


Jisoo exposed her jaw-dropping abs just a few days ago during another performance event.


Although she hid much of it during this day, Jisoo soon debuted her ab-goals at Korea University!


Needless to say, BLINKs were all for the healthier and more fit Jisoo!

  • “Let’s go for an eight-pack, Jisoo!”
  • “It’s hard for even the thinnest girls to keep abs like that unless they work out religiously. It’s not even a promotional cycle but she must be working out a lot.”
  • “Jisoo must be taking care of her body religiously. I love it!”


They complimented her beauty and congratulated her on obtaining her new abs.

  • “Jisoo is seriously so f*cking pretty! How does she even have a great body? She’s so sexy I’m jealous”
  • “I personally think Jisoo has the best body line out of all the members.”
  • “I always knew she was pretty and cute but now she’s sexy too…”
  • “Jisoo’s so pretty I’m so excited for their comeback!!”


Many fans are excited to see Jisoo’s abs during BLACKPINK’s upcoming new album set to drop in June!

Source: Nate Pann