BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Angelic “Yuki No Hana” Cover Is Going Majorly Viral

Her cover is taking over the charts worldwide:

If you’ve heard Jisoo‘s vocals you know she has the voice of an angel, and now she’s gaining a whole lot of attention for her heavenly voice!


As BLACKPINK has been traveling around the world performing during their BLACKPINK In Your Area Concert Tour, Jisoo has left everyone absolutely speechless with her cover of Mika Nakashima‘s “Yuki No Hana”.


While BLINKs have fallen hard for the particular cover, everyone else has too! Jisoo’s cover has been going viral online and with a single listen it’s very obvious why.


But the cover isn’t just going viral, it’s also topping charts worldwide. It’s hit no. 104 on iTunes Worldwide chart, no. 1 on iTunes K-Pop chart, and topped charts in various other countries.


If you haven’t listened to the chart-topping viral sensation you need to right now and if you have listened to it it’s definitely worth a thousand more listens!