BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Asked Lisa When She’s Going To Grow Out Her Bangs

Jisoo remembered Lisa’s past promise.

On a recent live broadcast, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo remembered something that Lisa had once said about her bangs.


As Lisa mentioned not having bangs as a child, Jisoo suddenly asked when she was going to get rid of them. She’d asked the question because Lisa said she would do so and shared what Lisa had previously planned.

Jisoo reminded Lisa that she had picked a certain age where she would no longer have them. Lisa didn’t seem to remember it at all.

I said that? Seriously?

Jisoo repeated the words Lisa told her of how she couldn’t have bangs forever.

You said that you’ll get rid of a bang when you reach a certain age, saying you can’t have a bang forever.

Lisa did agree that she plans on getting rid of her bangs and even chose the side that she wants her hair parted on in the future. She just doesn’t know when the timing is right.

One thing is for sure: Lisa with bangs won’t be going anywhere any time soon. She told Jisoo, “Not yet,” when told to grow them out at that moment.

Either way, Lisa would still look beautiful. Watch their discussion about Lisa’s famous bangs at 31:49.