BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Asked To Speak English, And Lisa Immediately Regretted Supporting Her

“Unnie, have I made such a bad impression on you?”

BLACKPINK is so close, they’re not shy to say the most random things about each other in front of millions of fans. When Lisa and Jisoo held an online broadcast together, they spoke about everything from Frozen 2 to their love for cats and more.


Lisa was in for a surprise when BLINKs asked Jisoo to speak English. She initially nudged the older member to show off her skills, proud of her improvement.

You learned English yesterday, unnie, say it with more confidence!

— Lisa

Unfortunately for the main dancer, the sentence Jisoo picked out wasn’t the most flattering.

Let’s brush your teeth…tonight.

— Jisoo

Lisa immediately burst into laughter at her random words, exclaiming that she made her appear unclean.

Woah, woah, woah! Unnie, you’re making it sound like I’m an unhygienic person.

– Lisa

Jisoo didn’t stop there—she then reminded Lisa to wash her face that night. The other member could only laugh in amusement, wondering aloud why Jisoo would say such misleading words.

Despite the situation, their friendship remained as strong as ever!

Check out the full video below.